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 Today I am trying something new with my blog. I am linking up with my friend Megan's blog for Foodie Friday! I love cooking and baking so today I am sharing with you another one of my grandmothers recipes. Today we are cooking up some Potato Salad. This Potato Salad is cooked at all BBQ's in my family. The funny thing is that every one in my family loves this stuff except for my grandmother and I who are always the ones who make it. I am just a picky eater and am weird about certain textures, but if you love potato salad I promise I have never found anyone who didn't love this recipe. This is one of my husbands favorites but his family made their potato salad a little different than my family, so I thought why not combine the two family recipes. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as our families have! 

     4 Medium Sized Potatoes
     4- 5 Green Onion
     2 Ribs of Celery 
     4-5 Slices of Bacon 
     1  Cup of Mayo
     1-2 tsp. of Mustard
     Salt and Pepper to Taste
     Pinch of Paprika 

   First bring a large pot of water to a boil. Place the entire potato into the pot and boil until soft. When soft remove the potato from the pot and set aside to cool. Once cool remove the skin of the potato and cut into chunks and place it into a large bowl. Then cut up your green onion and celery ribs and place them into the same bowl. In a smaller bowl put the mayo and add a little mustard to make the mixture a pale yellow color. Then mix the mayo mixture into the larger bowl of potato's, and add salt and pepper to taste. Then garnish with your crumbled up bacon and a sprinkle of paprika. 

Hope you bring this dish as a side to your next party or enjoy it with your family at you own cook out! 

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